MAZDA 323 ( Tierra ) 1.8 / 2.0 for Carrett Turbo

Mazda 323 Turbo Manifold / Mazda 323

MAZDA 323 ( Tierra ) 1.8 / 2.0 for Carrett Turbo - Mazda 323 Turbo Manifold / Mazda 323. MAZDA 323 ( Tierra ) 1.8 / 2.0 for Carrett Turbo

Turbo Manifold

Thunder's turbo manifold designed for the MAZDA 323 ( Tierra ) 1.8 / 2.0. This high performance manifold is intended for tuners seeking maximum performance! This manifold retains power steering, air conditioning, and stock radiator placement while allowing use of large turbochargers and full 3" downpipes.
Thunder increasing demand for the players, the continuous improvement of the mold of painstaking research, the use of sophisticated the elbow technical precision welding by hand, production of the engine allows players, the realm of ultra-high pressurized turbine ear, elongated tube from the goat head design, exhaust gas temperature to reduce the turbine dedicated 4-in-a collection of the Department of smooth, so that the exhaust easier to promote large-scale turbines.

Thunder's SUS304 stainless steel manifolds are low-noise and sturdy. With 2mm-thick tubes, unique in-house design, and HKS Dynojet horsepower test certification, we guarantee the superior quality of our manifolds and their extended operation lives!
1. Turbo Manifold can lower the exhaust resistance in the original factory system. 2. Proper designs of the diameter and length enhances the horsepower and torque performances. 3. Turbo Manifold is made from 2mm SUS 304 stainless steel pipe, which enhances the aesthetics and durability, as well as preventing blast booms. 4. Precision calculation for the air nods of 4-cylinder blast, the length is designed in equal or multiple length to lower the interference on gas exhaust actions. 5. Coordination with proper 4+1 petal angles makes gas exhaust even smoother.
Fuse welding is better than pulse welding:
Standard pulse welding simply welds manifold pipes together. But the weakness is that the pipes become thinner after welding, with structural changes and a shorter operation life. However, welding with the addition of fusible material the same as that of the pipes does not compromise pipe-wall thickness, but rather strengthens and extends durability.

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