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Production | Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. is a professional Exhaust System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Exhaust Muffler for Automobile and Motorcycle use. We also provide Automotive Header, Down Pipe, Turbo Manifold, Exhaust Muffler and Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes with superior quality.



Mandrel Bent: The piping of each exhaust system is machine mandrel bent in order to ensure proper flow of exhaust gases without obstruction. This maintains proper inner pipe diameter throughout the entire exhaust system.

Stainless Steel: Made from high quality stainless steel to withstand the elements and to retain its factory finish. Stainless steel offers a surface that is easy to clean and offers extra strength over other lesser-metal exhaust systems.

Merge Collectors: Our exhaust headers have been engineered to include merge collector sections that combine exhaust tubing equally to guarantee each exhaust port flows uniformly. These merge collectors are internally designed to avoid obstruction as the exhaust gases combine.

True Bolt-on: We have designed our exhaust headers to the factory head specs to allow each header to bolt on using the factory head studs for correct fitment. Exhaust piping runs in factory fashion to avoid modification or contact with other engine components