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Company Profile | Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. is a professional Exhaust System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Exhaust Muffler for Automobile and Motorcycle use. We also provide Automotive Header, Down Pipe, Turbo Manifold, Exhaust Muffler and Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes with superior quality.

Company Profile

Exhaust System Manufacturer

Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. - Auto Component manufacturing company producing Exhaust Systems complete for two wheelers and four wheelers.

Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. was born in 1995. Which is well-known in this market for producing exhaust system of automobiles and motorcycles, and other related accessories. Mr. Chu, the president of Thunder Exhaust Muffler, is with his mutual experience and professional skill in this field and also extremely advocates having a proper knowledge on refitting automobiles and motorcycles. Because of this, he invested more on having new and qualified machines to provide Thunder Exhaust Muffler products with the best quality and functional features to customers.

As the exhaust system is getting with hi-tech design, it also becomes more competitive to the worldwide market. All products now must be inspected strictly via horsepower testing, and only can be mass-produced after passing the harsh test. Since Thunder Exhaust Muffler was established, there are more than 20 kinds of automobiles with more than 130 varieties. Customers can depend on what they need to choose the functions with special design and service. Besides this, the refitting car from Thunder Exhaust Muffler will be under guarantee permanently if there is no external force or damage on purpose.

Throughout years on research and development, we have applied for the international patents and have always been designing qualified products for our global customers. Prohibited on copy from other products is our basic requirement and philosophy. We insist on developing our own products with excellent functions by ourselves. The target for us is to achieve and be the top place of designing exhaust system manufacturer with verified type of automobiles in Taiwan. For nowadays, because of well-known branding name has been expanded in this market, we are proud to say that some of the international automobile racing cars are using Thunder Exhaust system to replace with good functions and quality when driving through.

Thunder Exhaust Muffler therefore is being paid much more attention now internationally. For instance, a famous game software company in the United States even adopted Thunder Exhaust system to have 2004 premier on his new car racing game on line. Which approves that Thunder Exhaust Muffler shows his powerful and high quality products marketing all over the world.

Exhaust Muffler Manufacturer

Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. has been producing Exhaust System for over 14 years, providing Automotive Header, Turbo Manifold and Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes with superior quality and competitive price. Our Exhaust Mufflers are very popular among our customers since we can offer Automobiles Exhaust Muffler, Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe and Auto Header with durable quality. If you are looking for Reliable Auto Muffler, Stainless Steel Assembled Manifolds and Exhaust Muffler Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Products:

  • Exhaust Muffler
  • Automotive Header
  • Turbo Manifold
  • Motorcycle Fish Crape
  • Exhaust System