THUNDER エキゾーストヘッダーとマフラー製造のスペシャリスト

  • エキゾーストフロントパイプ-

    エキゾーストフロントパイプ- SUBARU WRX

    THUNDER exhaustシステムはT304ステンレス鋼から曲げられたCNCマンドレルで、手溶接され、ストレートスルーマフラーコアを備えています。ほぼすべての排気システムアプリケーションのコストを削減することを可能にした自動排気製造装置!あなたはその価格でより良い性能またはフィッティングのステンレス鋼排気システムを見つけることができません。

  • Exhaust Headers - Mercedes
Benz C63

    Exhaust Headers - Mercedes Benz C63

    The first step in creating an efficient and powerful exhaust system is the addition of
    THUNDER Headers. Premium quality, heavyduty stainless steel construction, and massive power gains are key elements to the
    THUNDER design philosophy.
    THUNDER offers a variety of shorty headers and Racing long tubes to suit most popular applications.

  • Turbo Manifold -

    Turbo Manifold - MAZDA CX-7

    THUNDER is proud to offer these stainless steel tubular manifolds for the L3 2.3 and LF 2.0 engine powered Mazdas.
    THUNDER engineered the manifolds through careful examination and elimination of the stock manifold's flaws to bring this high flowing and high quality upgrade to market.

  • Exhaust Headers -

    Exhaust Headers - BENZ A250

    THUNDER Performance exhaust systems add even more power potential to your car, truck, or SUV. Power, sound, and quality are built into each of these premium systems.
    THUNDER’s stainless steel construction, high flow muffler designs, and great looking tips are the perfect compliment to any vehicle. Get a higher level of performance with a
    THUNDER performance exhaust system. Full SUS304 Stainless Steel Construction, Comes with new turbo bolts.


Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd.は台湾のプロの排気システムメーカーであり、自動車およびオートバイ用の排気マフラーを提供しています。自動車用ヘッダー、ダウンパイプ、
Turbo Manifold、高品質のエキゾーストマフラーとステンレススチールエキゾーストパイプ。

Performance Mufflers

Performance Mufflers

THUNDER Performance mufflers are 100% stainless steel and lap-joint welded for solid construction and rugged reliability even in the most extreme conditions. They feature a free-flowing, straight-through perforated stainless steel core, stainless mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver that smooth, deep tone.

Exhaust Headers

Exhaust Headers

THUNDER's Headers are the best you can buy. They have thicker flanges. stronger wall tubing and a thermal coating that withstand full-throttle thrashing and torturous towing. The extreme-duty construction protects against burnout and exhaust leaks caused by the excessive heat and vibration present in high performance and towing applications.
THUNDER headers outlast and outperform ordinary headers.

Turbo Manifolds

Turbo Manifolds

Custom fabricated
turbo manifold design and
turbo manifold manufacturers. As 100% custom fabricated exhaust manifold manufacturers and
turbo manifold suppliers, Each manifold is constructed from smooth SS tubing requiring no porting. The best equipment and the most advanced welding techniques creates each of these manifolds.


THUNDER 生産サービスと紹介

Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. さ 台湾 サプライヤー、メーカー で 自動車産業市場 以来、 1995. THUNDER お客様に高品質を提供しています エキゾースト、マニホールド、ヘッダー、マフラー、サイレンサー、リアマフラー、キャットバック、カタリティック、 Turbo Manifold、インターパイプ. 両方の高度な技術とし 19 年間の経験, THUNDER 常に各顧客の需要を満たすようにしてください.