TIERRA 2.0 RS Header

Exhaust Headers / Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. is a professional Exhaust System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Exhaust Muffler for Automobile and Motorcycle use. We also provide Automotive Header, Down Pipe, Turbo Manifold, Exhaust Muffler and Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes with superior quality.

TIERRA 2.0 RS Header

TIERRA 2.0 RS Header - . TIERRA 2.0 RS Header

Exhaust Headers

Thunder's Exhuast headers are one of the best performance upgrades available for any application. Mandrel bent stainless steel to provides the best flow and durability, 12mm-thick flanges with oversized for exhaust ports and machined sealing beads for better flow with no leaks. Thunder's headers are significantly less restrictive than the stock manifolds on a vehicle and dramatically increase the power and efficiency of an engine. With durable stainless steel construction that can survive the abuse of racing, towing, and daily driving, these headers can take a beating. Each system includes high quality hardware and thorough instructions for a professional no-leak installation.

  • All the connections between tubes and the flange are welded both on the interior and exterior to prevent breakage.
  • 10mm-thick chrome-plated black iron flange.
  • 2mm-thick SUS304 surface-polished stainless steel tube (42mm dia.).
  • 2mm-thick SUS304 stamped and surface-polished stainless steel tube connector.
  • With spring and a bowl-shaped washer.
  • 10mm-thick chrome-plated black iron flange.
  • 2mm-thick SUS304 surface-polished stainless steel tube (50.8mm dia.).
  • Two-layer stainless steel flexible tube (50.8mm dia.).
Thunder's SUS304 stainless steel manifolds are low-noise and sturdy. With 2mm-thick tubes, unique in-house design, and HKS Dynojet horsepower test certification, we guarantee the superior quality of our manifolds and their extended operation lives!
  • Stainless steel assembled manifolds: Durable and rustproof.
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipes: Easily welded, sturdy.
  • Thick stainless steel tubes: low-noise and with longer operation life.
Fuse welding is better than pulse welding:
Standard pulse welding simply welds manifold pipes together. But the weakness is that the pipes become thinner after welding, with structural changes and a shorter operation life. However, welding with the addition of fusible material the same as that of the pipes does not compromise pipe-wall thickness, but rather strengthens and extends durability.

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