Focus 2.0 Middle Pipe

Midpipe / Thunder Exhaust System Co., Ltd. is a professional Exhaust System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Exhaust Muffler for Automobile and Motorcycle use. We also provide Automotive Header, Down Pipe, Turbo Manifold, Exhaust Muffler and Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes with superior quality.

Focus 2.0 Middle Pipe

Focus 2.0 Middle Pipe - . Focus 2.0 Middle Pipe


The Thunder's mid pipe is a great exhaust upgrade for the Focus 2.0. The Large-caliber pipes allow exhaust to flow more freely through the entire system. This free flowing exhaust is what allows your Focus 2.0 to produce more power. The mid Y pipe upgrade can be used with a stock system or with the aftermarket options available today.
The all SUS304 stainless steel pipes feature TIG welding, thick flanges, 02 Bungs, gaskets, and a complete polished finish.
These pipes in conjunction with our Thunder's muffler and headers will yield an amazing gain.

Thunder's SUS304 stainless steel manifolds are low-noise and sturdy. With 2mm-thick tubes, unique in-house design, and HKS Dynojet horsepower test certification, we guarantee the superior quality of our manifolds and their extended operation lives!
  • Sensor provisions
  • Factory style hangers
  • Large diameter mandrel-bent tubing
  • High flow catalytic converter*
  • Heavy duty flanges
  • Increased hp/tq and improved throttle response
  • Greater flow and efficiency
  • Durable connection with exhaust system

    * Available on most car V8 applications

Fuse welding is better than pulse welding:
Standard pulse welding simply welds manifold pipes together. But the weakness is that the pipes become thinner after welding, with structural changes and a shorter operation life. However, welding with the addition of fusible material the same as that of the pipes does not compromise pipe-wall thickness, but rather strengthens and extends durability.

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